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Team Leadership Development - Individual Development

Leadership Development

We are experienced in the design, development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of innovative, experiential, learning and development activities for current and future leaders. We believe that team leadership development should be linked to strategic goals. It should support and enable cultural change and organisational development initiatives.

We also have experience in the assessment and development of team leadership potential. Some examples of our work are:

• the design, coordination and running of assessment and development centres to identify and assess group and
   individual learning needs
• the development of group and individual development profiles to address identified development needs
the use of behavioural event interviewing to assist leadership development and succession planning processe
the use of psychometric testing and 360 feedback to determine strengths and development gaps
development of learning agreements between participants and next level managers
provision of coaching and mentoring to participants to embed learning and facilitate growth and development over
identification of appropriate action learning projects or organisational projects to enhance learning

Our core values in relation to personal and professional development are to encourage independence and self sufficiency. We reject development practices that build dependencies. All of the team leadership development programs that we have been involved with are based on building skills, knowledge, capabilities and self awareness, in order to enhance leadership capability and result in strong, confident, independent staff.

Recent clients for leadership programs include:

  • Swinburne University
  • Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne
  • The Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales
  • The Australian Taxation Office
Coaching and Personal Development
We have had significant experience in the development of powerful one-on-one coaching and personal development programs for senior managers in knowledge organisations. We design individual programs to meet the needs of individuals and their organisations. Our experience in working with high performing professionals and deep knowledge of the concepts of adult learning and development enable us to develop an environment of trust and respect which encourages individuals to take risks, to stretch themselves to take on new challenges and to learn, grow and develop to their full potential.
Managing Career Transitions and Career Development

We design programs to assist individuals interested in transitioning to a new phase of their career or life. We offer a planned and systematic process which assists individuals to identify future career and lifestyle objectives and develop an action plan to achieve them.

These issues are particularly important for senior staff in professional organisations. Many reach major transition points or cross roads relatively unprepared to systematically think through what they really want to do next, what they have to offer and how to go about creating a future for themselves which is exciting and engaging. This is a key consideration whether they are moving into a different role or position
within the same organisation or moving into a role outside the organisation.

Effective career and life planning is a multistage process which needs to be tailored to suit specific needs but is likely to include the following stages:

Phase 1 Clarification of individual goals and objectives.

Phase 2 Career analysis and skills and interests review.

Phase 3 Planning for balance.

Phase 4 Determining career options and strategies.

Phase 5 Identifying development needs and preparation of an Action Plan.